Only photography has been able to divide human life into a series of moments, each of them has the value of a complete existence.

Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904)

These are our moments.

Tamara Popović

Everything has stopped, only kids keep growing.


Maja Panić


Ivana Dakić

No matter how dark it is, the pathway to light is always there.


Sandra Bu

Živkica in double quarantine.


Ivana Međeši

An office in my style in a time of isolation.In addition to the work equipment, there is fresh air andthe sun’s rays that reach me despite the obstacles. I miss my office friends, but Skype and Viber have jumped in, and help keep the team together in different places at the same time during this crisis 😉


Sandra Crnić

…in the silence of nature there hides a message just for you…


Biljana Ćurić

When we are focused on each other and our main driver is love, working from home can be an incredible joy. Striving towards the same goal as the entire world, let’s be optimistic, creative and discover that the desired result can be achieved by the sheer willpower… ❤️🍀


Milica Aleksić

Seven sweet muffins don’t care about Corona. They’ve gathered in a hug and look at the camera. Smeared with chocolate, they are a sticky bunch. They’re adjusting their baskets, dressing up the crumbs and waiting for the likes. And liked they will be, there is no doubt – one look at them brings water to your mouth. But, that popularity does not mean much, they quickly realized soon with the first ring of the doorbell. Neighbours arrived, old friends, Veca, Mica, Aunt Mira and Nenad with his sweet tooth. The moral of story is clear: don’t share photos publicly, for someone may take a bite of you, whether you’re  savory or sweet. 😀


Dragana Pribišev

We work from home, following all the self-isolation measures except the 2-metre distancing rule.
I’ve got the most beautiful and elegant assistant ever. My poodle. 🐾🐩  She’s happy to have me at home 24/7 and to be working side-by-side. Together we follow what happens on the screen. She makes the decision when it’s time for a break, simply by bringing her ball. 🥎 But I can’t seem to manage to teach her to make me coffee. Any tips? 🤣


Milica Stanković

Friday, second shift. The last Friday at the office before the state of emergency was declared. Everything has stopped since then. We toasted one other after work, but this time with some strange feeling.


Vesna Stanojević

Isolation, the first walk.


Bojana Janić

The cure.


Danijel Apro

Friends from the Oradio station asked me (challenged me?) to recreate a scene from a film that reminds me of self-isolation. And that’s how this photo came about: me as Raymond Dufayel, the man with glass bones from Amélie. I could also have been L. B. Jeffries from Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

It’s a happy coincidence I don’t own a TV, so (for some reason) I’ve been watching Spanish films, Hungarian series (Aranyélet) and the best moves of the great Tim Duncan (who has in the meantime been inducted to Naismith’s “Hall of Fame”). They don’t call him_The Big Fundamental_ for nothing.

I’m listening to jazz and Baroque music more than ever, drinking less beer than ever (?!); I have written a story, and have read a few. I am in touch with journalists arrested during the state of emergency; I’m cooking, doing push-ups and discovering new functions on the vacuum cleaner and washing machine.

I’ve adopted a plastic baby tapir and called it Asepsol.


Dušan Pujić

Which uniform shall I wear to work today?


Bojan Ćulibrk

Style in the time of Corona.


Stanislav Beti

Punk in the time of Corona.


Branislav Kozarov

Working from home.


Jovica Zarupski

We will remember only beautiful things from these times of the isolation.


Nemanja Raičević

He was wearing a large felt hat and an oversized coat and looked like one of those hipsters posing for Instagram in barbershops. He didn’t have a mask on, so I turned away my head suspiciously. The virus is everywhere, they said on TV. Even in the snow! The elevator was small and a strange silence ensued.

”Which floor?” I asked, feeling an irrepressible need to cough. He turned to me and I had nowhere else to go. Between his beard and hat, I never got to properly see his face.

”A mistake, sorry. You see, everything we’ve done to be alone turned out to be unnecessary. And the desire to be with others has become an impossibility ” he said in the almost cheerful voice of a professional tour guide. Then he took a bow and stepped out of the elevator.

Later, from the window, I could see him standing at the crossroads, even though the curfew had already begun. It all squared well and March snow was falling. But the city lights, which had always seemed to me to fulfill the promise of perpetual movement, now looked like a call to rest.


Nikola Malogajski

The Conversation.


Marko Medić

Isolated on black.


Roman Kozomara

The Puzzle of Life, ‎March 31, 2020.


Predrag Ivanović

When you go out on fresh air during COVID-19.