Are you any good in reading cyrillic letters? Have you heard the beatifull and horrific stories of Novi Sad Synagogue? Or, maybe, who built the largest fortress in Europe?

Which wine from Sremski Karlovci was served in Titanic? How spicy is the local sausage? Well, some people from Adobe seem to have a clue. And we are happy to say that Mod 381 played a significant role in this insightful journey.

In February 2018, our team hosted Adobe’s team hoping to share experience and learn together. We jointly tried to figure out how to make Adobe Stock moderation better and smoother and how to make our customers more satisfied. We don’t like big words, however, we are bold to say: that week’s cooperation exceeded our expectations.

And it all started in quite a tranquil manner. The first day of their visit began with a leisurely stroll through the historical quarter of Novi Sad and the surrounding area.

The main event was definitely the workshop. And it was nothing like you imagine (if any sarcasm is in you). No, it was not the usual boring lenghthy lectures with the yawning crowd waiting for the next coffee break and complementary hotel snacks. We actually worked together resolving real potential intellectual property infringements; assessing levels of risk, chapter by chapter, part by part. Unique architecture, historical sites, art galeries, exotic hotels, designer shoes, fancy cars. You name it, we discussed it!

Later on that week…

And then… Then there was the farewell party. This was the time to showcase the traditional music and authentic cuisine. Time to show who we actually are, as human beings; off the clock. And this was the event that earned us our favorite compliment that came from Adobe during the whole week: we were described as people who can ‚work hard, and play hard‘. Don’t get us wrong, of course, the day-to-day communication and overall collaboration between Adobe and Mod 381 are much deeper and more meaningful than this sentence and this ocasion suggests, yet it is, indeed, the little iconic thing we like to brag about the most.

Finally, after a week in Serbia, our guests had to return to the US. They are back home, but keep sharing tasks and goals, questions and dilemmas, challenges and achievements. We all keep working hard. And only, sometimes, play hard as well.


Mod 381