Those were the last days of 2017. Astronauts organized the first pizza party in space, Korean boy-band BTS became the most tweeted celebrities in the world, scientists discovered

prehistoric bones of a six-foot tall penguin from New Zealand. And, yea, dozen of us assembled to create what has become Mod 381 from Novi Sad, Serbia.

We had a plethora of ideas and an empty office. We were still a bit shy with each other. Coming with our diverse backgrounds – design, photo-journalism, video production, education, media, business – it was expected to have fairly similar goals and ambitions, yet our methods and focuses used to differ. Frankly, they sometimes still do. But, that’s not bad, right?

However, it so happened that things clicked pretty fast. Soon enough, we functioned as a real team. An ever growing one, if we may add. The first and most important milestone was the contract with globally recognized Adobe. Number of moderated content for Adobe Stock, at the begining, was little bit shy as well. It used to be counted in thousands. But when our finder and CEO Tamara blew out the candles on top of our first birthday cake, we were talking – milions. Of course, milions of videos, photographs, vectors, and illustrations, not dollars. Yet. Don’t worry, we’re heading to that direction.

During the summer of 2018 we did get a nice tan at various Mediterranean beaches and islands, nonetheless, we were working hard too. In a football or tennis managers‘ fashion, we spent the lazy summer months scouting for new talents. In June and August we welcomed two groups of new talented individuals: photographers, writers, IT experts, bankers. In other words, we put our game-faces on, awaiting autumn, the period when all the big things usually happen.

By December 2018, a man crossed Antartica solo and unassisted, drones were used for the fist time to bring vaccines to Vanuatu, and the super-high deffinition 8k television channel was launched in Japan. As for Mod 381, we strengthened our HR section and opened our door to a professional stock contributor, a drawing and tattoo artist, an experienced filmmaker and sound recorder… In the meantime, we also achieved more meaningful collaboration with our US partners. In a single year we grew to a mid-sized company.

Finally we moved to our new premises, settled in a historic yet peaceful neighborhood, where we are able to be both more relaxed and more professional. We’re still a happy bunch, with loads of ideas and an office that is by now crowded and vibrant. We’re looking forward to cut that second birthday cake.

To new challenges.

Your Mod 381.